5 October 2017

Review: Lush Sleepy Lotion

"Cloak yourself in dreamy touches of oatmeal infusion, lavender water and heavenly fair trade organic cocoa butter." 

Lush Sleepy Lotion, well oh my, what a product to have my hands on. I was actually introduced to this product by my sister ay before it became the hype. It took me awhile to get my hands on because it was a permanent product, it could be now I'm not sure. I finally manage to get myself a tub and holy crap, it smells incredible. 

The idea of the Sleepy Lotion is that you use it before bed and the scent helps you relax leaving you with a peaceful nights sleep. While I agree that it's a beautiful product to use at night, I wouldn't say that it helps me sleep any better than before, or maybe it does and I just haven't noticed it, who knows. 

It contains a bunch of my favourite ingredients like, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coco Butter and Ylang Ylang Oil. It also has Tonka Absolute which is what gives the lotion its sweet vanilla scent but Tonka is also great for anti-inflammatory purposes. Sleepy Lotion is just a dream. 

B x 

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