31 October 2017

October 2017: Roundup, Highlights + Favourites

One month closer to Summer and one month closer to Christmas, whoo! October has gone by in a absolute flash. I really shouldn't be so surprised but because every month is same, but it really does feel like it should still should mid 2017. 

October has been a busy yet exciting month. I've officially finished my studies for the year which is the best thing ever. Spare time has been spent visiting family which has been really refreshing and motivating. I also spent a night in Okiwi Bay in the Marlborough Sounds with an Aunty and Uncle I haven't seen in forever, it was so amazing to catch up with them. 

I took a week or so off this month from posting to my website because I was so busy with my studies but I'm now back and I can't wait to properly get back into the swing of things with my site. 

For the month of November I'm going to be based in Christchurch for work which is so exciting. I'm so grateful for the opportunity and the experience I'll gain. It'll also mean Im able to spend a good chunk of time with my Christchurch family and friends. I'll still be posting to my website on normals days at the same time of 630PM but make sure you're following @bonnieellenxo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. 

I have a slight obsession with stationery but for the longest time I've wanted to teach myself Calligraphy and just different styles of lettering. Everybody raved about Tombows Dual Brush Pens and how beautiful they were to write with, so I got some, well actually I got the whole set, oops. While I'm still getting to the calligraphy side of things, I also really enjoy using them in my planners. The colour variety is amazing and there are some truely gorgeous shades. 

I first brought this lip balm when I had extremely chapped and wind burnt lips last summer. I was really struggling to find anything that kept my lips hydrated while keeping the product as natural as possible to avoid any extra irritation. But then I found this gorgeous natural pawpaw lip balm and it changed the whole game. It kept my lips hydrated for ages while the natural oils and shea butter helped heel any chaps and wind burn. I've been using it again a lot recently and I think it's safe to say it's going to my a staple product this summer. 

Well after hearing everyone rave about it, and then trying it at a friends I decided I'd just get it for myself. It's definitely one of the best and I'm really enjoying putting it on my face. 

I'm a super big fan of highlight products in general, but this Skin Halo in Diamond Dust by Mecca Max is probably one of my most used highlighters in my collection at the moment. It's affordable and so gorgeous on the skin! 

One of my fave YouTubers has just gone out and created her very own Podcast. Don't ask me how long I've being watching Esteè on YouTube because I honestly couldn't tell you but when she announced that she was bring out a Podcast I was beyond excited. The Heart Of It is my current favourite Podcast to listen to and it covers some of the best topics. If you enjoy listening to Podcasts, I highly recommend The Heart Of It by Esteè Lalonde. And while you're there, check out her Instagram, I'm a big fan of that too! 

B x

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