29 May 2018

Highlights From The Past Month | May 2018

I didn't get around to publishing a highlights post last month because I was so overwhelmed and unprepared for how busy things were going to be after first moving. May has been completely different and I'm back on top of my game posting new content every Tuesday and Thursday at 630PM NZST so don't be afraid to check back in regularly. In the last 4-6 weeks there have been a bunch of great highlights including my birthday, Mother's Day and finally getting my restricted. May has been crazy busy but I finally feel like I'm slowly starting to get somewhere.

ANZAC Dawn Service
ANZAC Day is the 25 April every year and every year we've honoured those who fought for us and our country. My Pop fought over in Bueno, Malaya so ANZAC has always had a huge significance to our family. This year was no different to any other however this year I decided to attend a Dawn Service. It was a beautiful service and I'm really pleased I decided to get up at 530AM and freeze my booty off because it reality it was nothing compared to what these people did for us and our country.

I finally got my restricted and I'm stoked! Having my restricted has lead to so much more freedom and independence but more importantly I no longer have to depend on others.

Christchurch: 2 Months 
I've been in Christchurch for roughly two months now and while I'm slowing losing my patience waiting for my house to be ready, I'm glad to be back. I'm enjoying being around friends and family all the time and it's great to be back in the old stomping ground. Can't wait to be in the house and to see what the future holds.

20th Birthday
On the 3rd of May I turned 20. While I didn't have a mid life crisis, I did feel slightly old especially when the kids at work said they thought I looked 30. Regardless, I had a fantastic day so thank you to all those that made it so special.

Mother's Day 
Last but definitely not least Mother's Day. Ever since my Nan passed, Mother's Day has been hard for our family. Last year we weren't able to all be together so this year we decided to make it happen. We had a lovely dinner together, laughs we had and memories were shared. It was the perfect way to celebrate the amazing women in my life.

Overall the last 4-6 weeks have been busy but exciting and I'm hoping for the same next month. I hope you all have had a fantastic month with June being just as great, if not better.

Much love, B x

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