8 May 2018

Weekend Reset + Update

Before I jump into today’s post I want to give you a wee update on where I’ve been and why there’s been a lack of content. As most of you probably know by now I’ve moved backed to the big smoke, back to the city where I spent the majority of my childhood. Christchurch is incredible and I’m so happy I made the move. With that being said, I’ve been so busy settling in, trying to figure shit out along with working, that it all became a bit too much. I got overwhelmed, tired and then of course, sick. But I’m happy to say that I’m back with 2 posts a week which are going to be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s plus the occasional extra post. To make sure you don’t miss any of my future posts, make sure you’re following me on my social media platforms, @bonnieellenxo, for daily updates. 

I thought the perfect way to jump back into things was by sharing my weekend reset. I’ve include the top four rituals I like to carry out on the weekend to ensure that I’ve reset my body and it’s refreshed for the new week. Let me know what you do to help prep yourself for a busy week. 

Having a good beauty reset where you tackle everything in one go is a great idea! I don’t think there is any better time than the weekend to do so. Getting all those beauty rituals done and dusted helps me feel easy to tackle whatever the up and coming week has to throw at me. So I thought I’d give you a run down of everything I do as well as some of my current products for washing my hair, deep cleansing my skin and exfoliating my body. 

Makeup Brush Cleanse
We all know washing your makeup brushes is never fun and we should probably do it more often. I’d be silly to wash ALL my makeup brushes on a weekly basis so instead I wash any face brushes and beauty blenders. As much as we put it off, there’s nothing better than having freshly cleaning makeup brushes to reach for on a Monday morning. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is going to help give you a flawless application to the base but also eliminate the chances of spreading bacteria which in the long run can cause nasty blemishes. 

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
I’ve never been great at remembering to exfoliate and moisture but I’m slowly getting better. Exfoliating and moisturising is that one beauty ritual that always makes me feel great again. My favourite body scrub is Lush Rub, Rub, Rub. It can be used dry or wet, it smells delicious and leaves the skin glowing.  For moisturiser, Vaseline have an amazing product range but the one I’m using at the moment is a Body Shop Body Butter. Their body butters are highly nourishing, not tacky and come in a variety of gorgeous scents. 

Refreshing The Skin
There can be a lot of reasons why our skin isn’t looking or feeling it’s best. For me, it’s either two things, diet or hormone related. Regardless, I like to ensure my skin has an in-depth cleanse for the beginning of the week. Keeping my skins hydration levels up is important step I like to include in my skincare routine. My skin isn’t unbearably dry but to prevent it from worsening I like to keep my skin nourished with a facial oil when needed. My skin seems to have a mind of it’s own at the moment so it’s a little touch and go. 

Deep Hair Wash
Many of you will know I have a long curly mop of hair. I adore my long curly mop but it takes a lot of effort to maintain. This is purely because of the length and it’s ability to dread itself. I give my hair a really deep cleanse every 10-14 days. Shampoo twice, condition, hair mask and hair oil. I’ll always let my hair dry naturally and wash it at night. It just takes far to long to be washing my hair in the morning, so nights it is. 

Remember all posts from now on will be scheduled for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and to follow me @bonnieellenxo for all of the updates. 

Much love, B x 

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