14 June 2018

Ultimate Bath Routine | Bubbles, Candles & Face Masks

Bathes are the perfect way to unwind from the day, relax and to take some time for yourself. My bath routine isn't too long and consists of mainly self care rituals but that's what leaving me feeling rejuvenated, ready for a good nights sleep. 

Bubbles / Bath Bomb
I'll always use bubbles or a bath bomb, sometimes both, when I'm having a bath. It's just something fun yet relaxing. I'll generally use bath bombs or bubbles from Lush as there products are all natural and consist of a bunch of great ingredients for your skin. 

Face Mask, Cleanser and Scrub
If I'm having a bath it usually means I'm doing a face mask at the same time. The face mask always depends on what I feel like my skin needs on the day. While I'm in the bath I'll always give my skin a quick cleanse and scrub at the same time, just as if I was showering. 

Body Scrub & Shave
I always give my body a good scrub and shave while I'm in the bath. I don't know about you, but having to shave my legs in the shower is such a pain in the butt so I always take full advantage of doing it while I'm in the bath. Giving my body a good exfoliate is important, especially in the Winter when I'm skin is so dehydrated. 

I feel like this one explains itself but what is a hot, relaxing bubble bath without candles? 

Book / Magazines / Phone
I'm one to normally take my phone to the bath with me, risky I know. But if you're not as stupid as me then you could alternatively take a book or magazine. I'd love to make my bath time screen free but I actually use the time to catch up on social media, maybe one day I'll get there!

Again, something I do on the regular when it comes to have baths. While of course it could be a glass of wine, I usually go for a cold glass of water but hey, wine sounds good too! 

What are some of your must have products when it comes time for you to pamper yourself?

Much love, B x

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