28 June 2018

2018: June Favourites | Hazelnut Coffee, Podcasts & Yoga Pants


June is coming to an end and I'm kind of sad about it. But then again, we're getting closer to summer and that I'm excited about. It's weird to think how fast the month has gone by but none the less, here are this months favourites.

Revlon Essential Cuticle Oil
I'm thinking I probably have the worst possible nails ever and cuticle oil has been the one thing that has made them look at least a little bit more normal like. Cuticle oil helps maintain healthy nails and cuticles. A blend of natural oils and Vitamin E helps nourish and hydrate nails so it's especially perfect in the winter.

Hazelnut Coffee
We all love a good coffee, well most of us anyway. This month I thought I'd try something new and it's now become a good ole favourite and staple in my daily routine.

Highwaisted Yoga Pants
I don't think I've quite fell in love with a pair of pants like I have the Highwaisted Tight Yoga Pants from Cotton On Body. They sell several different colours in these pants which I have just in black. They so freaking comfortable. I definitely need to go back and get me another pair.

Shannon Harris - Shaaanxo 
Shannon is one pretty incredible person. I've followed her content for years now and I still love her as much as I did when I first starting following her. Along with her beauty videos, her vlogs are some of my favourite videos. Shannons products are some of the best and I think in the future we're going to see some pretty epic stuff from her.

Don't Blame Me Podcast - Meghan Rienks 
Again, another long time favourite person of mine but her podcast in just incredible. She's one of the best people to give advice and I think the perspectives she brings to her podcasts allow us to learn even if we're not the ones needing the advice. Love it and love her.

What are some of your favourites? Do I need to be trying out any new products?

B x

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