11 June 2018

Winter Essentials | To Keep Your Mind Healthy, Skin Fresh & Body Warm

Today’s post is something quick and simple since so I hope you don’t mind. I apologise for missing a post last week. I had issues with scheduling it to upload on the correct day, but regardless I’m finally getting it up for you today. 

As I discussed in my last post, I’m not the biggest fan of the cold weather so I thought I’d put together some of my absolute must needed essentials to keep my mind healthy, skin fresh and body warm. 

Scarf, Gloves & Coat
Oh, the perfect combination to keep your body warm this winter. I'd be lost without any of these clothing items around this time of year. Thermals are also anyones best friend at this time of year. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm never motivated to work out in the Winter but a little mediation and stretching never hurt anyone, right? I rely on meditation and yoga to keep me mentally keep sane in the Winter. 

Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream
In the Winter, my hands become the most dehydrated parts of my body. It's gross. So I rely on a huge amount of cuticle oil and a decent hand cream to save me from my dehydrated scaly hands. 

Hydrating Lip Balm
Again with being dehydrated, my lips cop it big time in the Winter. I always carry lip balm around with me everywhere but you'll at least find double the amount hanging around during Winter. Hydrated plump lips are the best lips. 

Hydrating Facial Moisturiser & Body Lotion
Got to keep the body hydrated as well. I swear, if I wasn't to moisturise my body by the end of Winter I'd be a shrivelled up raisin just hanging by myself.  

Good Face, Lip and Body Exfoliator 
Before moisturising your body, you want to make sure you're exfoliating which will help removed any dead skin cells and send your skin on it's way to looking healthy and hydrated again. 

If you're interested in any specific products that I might be using this Winter to keep my mind healthy and skin fresh and hydrated, keep a look out for my favourites post at the end of the month where I'm bound to mention all the products, with direct links, that I've been using and loving. 

Much love, B x 

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