4 October 2018

How To Kick Overwhelm TO The Curb & Eliminate Stress

Do you ever find the topic of conversation with your friends or even acquaintances, about just how damn busy you are? Yeah, you’ve been there? It’s like we’re participating in a competitive sport. The bottom line is we’re all overworked, stressed and overwhelmed too. We’ve all got a load on our plate, whether you’re a mum of two trying to juggle school schedules or need to fulfil a client-set deadline, with two days to go. Our tasks on our plates are spilling down the sides and I totally feel you. On my current plate I have deadlines, projects and long work shifts. I’m possibly the busiest I have been in a long time but whilst feeling okay with it all. I’ve actively been trying to dial down the overwhelm that I’d usually associate with this kind of busy and I think it’s working. 

These tips aren’t going to be realistic or applicable for everyone but just incase one might click for you, I thought I’d share how I’m currently kicking stress and overwhelm in the ball. 

More Hours In Your Day
I get that not everyone is a morning person, because once upon a time I wasn’t either. Being up earlier and having the time to complete my morning routine allows me to set the day off on the right foot. Starting my mornings like mentioned above, means that my mornings are going more productive than ever, even when mornings tend to be my least productive time of the day. For example, I would wake up at 6am, get straight out of bed and have something ticked off my list before I even had breakfast. I still aim to be working at 6pm in the evenings but allowing myself to have that morning period of productivity means am allowing myself to get shit done, plus it’s helping to ward off stress thanks to the extra couple of hours I’ve given myself. 

Actually Getting It Done
I often hear people talking about how they just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. When we’re feeling that way, you’ll often find the procrastination is our best friend. It settles in and before we know it, we’re watching Netflix. Often that fastest way to minimise & ease the feeling of stress is to actually get something done. It could literally be anything. How much better would you feel at the end of the day if you had ticked off two or three major tasks off your list. You’d go to bed with the feeling of contentment rather than overwhelm. When I don’t know where to start I often pick a couple of the easier tasks, just to find my flow. Then once momentum has picked up, I’ll go for something I’m dreading. More often than not, those tasks that I was dreading, they were easier to complete than I had first thought. Combined with some extra time and a planned break or two, stress doesn’t even have a chance. 

Time Away
With extra time in your day I would recommend scheduling in a short break or two. I use to never do this because I was worried that if I stopped for a break, I wouldn’t get my work momentum back. But in reality, pushing myself to hard all day was doing more damage that what it would if I was to take a small break. I just had to approach it in the right way. While trying not to burn yourself out completely, it’ll help stop overwhelm creeping in when it’s not wanted. Schedule time to have fun. Don’t worry about what you haven’t got done but instead be proud of what you have. 

B x

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