11 October 2018

How To Up Your Productivity Levels In The Mornings

Rewind to this time last year ago, I had my morning routine down packed. I’d wake up at around 8AM, have breakfast and get myself ready and then tackle the day. That was all well in good until I came across one small problem. I was running out of hours in the day. Naturally, I tend to be more productive in the evening but I wanted to switch things up and develop a routine that allows me to at least get 8 hours sleep and gets me ticking off tasks before the standard work day even begins. 

Going To Bed Earlier
It’s a simple one but even just going to bed a hour earlier should in theory make it easier when your alarm goes off the next morning. I like to be in bed no later than 10PM and lights off at 1030PM. If I was to stay up past 11PM, the next day I’d be an absolute horror to be around. If you find it difficult to go to bed any time before midnight, slowly start going to bed 5 minutes earlier until you find a time that works best for your routine. I’ll also go ham with the bed time rituals; a hot bath, face mask and essential oils. Treat yo’ self! 

Fool Your Brain
Snoozing my alarm had become a habit I needed to break. The thing with snoozed sleep is that it isn’t good quality so I’ve been attempting to break the cycle. To do this I started going to bed earlier but also allowing myself an extra 15 minutes in the morning. That way I still get my extra sleep and it’s actually a proper good slumber. 

Do What You Need To Do To Wake Up
There’s lots of guides out there on how to curate the perfect morning routine and the one thing that sticks out amount them all the most to me is the suggestion on mediation. Mediation is great, don’t get me wrong it’s lovely to just have a moment to yourself but it’s just not something I can be doing first thing in the morning. So, for that reason I preach that you do whatever the hell you feel you need to do to wake up and to start your morning in the right way. Whether that might be reading a magazine, scrolling through social media or even a simple workout. Okay, it might not always be the most mindful but sometimes when you’re struggle to wake up, mindfulness is the last thing you need. 

Take Time For You
Instead of multitasking by inhaling your breakfast while checking your emails with your spare hand, take 20 minutes to just sit and eat your breakfast. That’s it. Allow yourself to just focus on one thing at a time. Listen to your favourite Podcast, have a YouTube video or the radio playing in the background. It’s actually really nice to just take that time for yourself while slowly working your way into a busy work day. 

Write A List
It’s really as simple as it seems. I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t writing down all the little bits & pieces that needed doing in my life. If I don’t have it written down, I promise you I will forget. I start each day curating a list of all the bits and pieces that need doing. I’ll pencil that to do list around any appointments and events for the day so I know where everything lies for the day. I’m left with a rough idea of how my day will play out and I’m able to see what I’ll be able to achieve. 

B x

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