28 June 2021

2021: Favourites #03

I keep saying it, but I can't believe we're already over half way through the year! It's crazy how quickly time ifs flying! This favourites post is quite a simple one filled;led with little bits & pieces but I wanted to share these with you regardless! Let me know what your favourites have been over the past couple of months! 

Other than the standard organisation apps you get on Apple devices like iCal, Reminders & Notes, Notion is the other digital planning lifesaver have come across. I used it to organise pretty much everything. It holds all the important information I could ever need or refer back to. It took me awhile to set it up in a way I found most beneficial but once I got there it's been an incredible feature to my organisation system. 

Uni Jetstream Pens (0.7 & 0.5)
A bit of an odd one but I'd heard how amazing these pens were to write with & if you know me well you"ll know I love a good, smooth writing pen. My pencil case is know filled with Uni Jetstream Pens in both 0.7 & 0.5 sizes. They're gorgeous to write with & what's I'm always reaching for. 

I've spoken about this mascara recently in a couple of posts but I adore this mascara. It beautifully lengthens lashes while added a touch of volume. It's been my go to mascara since I first started using it! see full review here

Revolution Pro Hydrating Matte Primer Serum
Another product I think I've briefly mentioned before but this product was recommended to me by a friend of mine & it did not disappoint. It help;s to keep any unwanted shine away but keeps skin hydrated for a gorgeous makeup application. Not to shabby for a drugstore prime/serum combination. 

Not a new favourite but I've found myself reaching for a base product that is slightly lighter than my regular foundation. the Chichi Super BB Cream is what I have been reaching for & I've fallen in love all over again. It's such a light product on the skin but gives a light to medium coverage on the skin. It's super natural & hydrating on the face & that's all I could ask for when my skin is having a melt down over this colder wether! 
I've always loves Ecoya candles but I finally lit a small one I've had in my office for at lest a good 18 month. Their Guava & Lychee scent is absolutely stunning & left my room smelling gorgeous. If you're willing too pay a little bit more for your candles then I definitely recommend Ecoya. They haves so many amazing scents & other products as well. They're definitely worth checking out! 

Selena Trevino (Youtube & Instagram)
I can't quite remember how I came across Selena on YouTube but chances are it could've been my 'home' page on YT. Selena is the most beautiful soul! Selena is so real & authentic which reflects in her content. Selena creates lifestyle, health & productivity vlogs as she navigates her way through balancing a 9-5 job & everything else she is passionate about. Definitely check her content out if the seems like something you might be interested in! 

B x 

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