10 June 2021

Protecting Your Mental Health When Working From Home

Over the last 18 months, many of us have found ourselves working in a whole new environment & capacity to what we are use to. While I love working from home, some people will still be struggling. Last month I experienced a couple of weeks where I was really down, unmotivated & overwhelmed with all aspects of life. When home becomes work & work becomes home, it can be extremely difficult to seperate the two. Sometimes it does get a little too much & I wanted to share some of my tips I've picked up over the years I've studied from home for you to consider. Hopefully they'll help improve the quality of your day. 

Keep A Routine 
For me, working at home has become my normal. I finished my final two high school years at home & now I'm studying at University through distance learning. Sometimes it can be really easy to lose track of time or feel the urge to just have an easy day, not get any jobs finished. Sometimes, this is exactly what you need but you also need to develop discipline to avoid potential added stress by not getting things done. Routine is so essential for my mental health & on days I don't keep my routine, I never feel as productive, content or as on top of things as I could be. 

Take Breaks 
Along with keeping a routine, make sure that routine includes breaks throughout the day. Remember, just because you're working from  home doesn't mean you need to be working 24/7! Be just as discipline in allowing yourself downtime as you need to be with getting work done. 

Seek Connection 
If I'm not with people, I'm constantly messaging, emailing & seeking out that connection through other opportunities that are available. 

Eat & Drink 
Set reminders if you need to but when you're taking scheduled breaks make sure you eating & drinking adequate amounts! Nutrition is imperative to concentration, productivity & your mental wellbeing. 

Get Outside
Even if is just in your small backyard, go outside & get some fresh air & sunlight. It'll do wonders for your mood. 

Rest From Screens 
Give yourself a break from screens. Do anything but look at a screen during a designated part of your day. 

B x 

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