15 June 2021

Weekly Routine: A Birds Eye View Of My Working Week

While I feel like my weeks are always changing & I'm constantly doing a bunch of different things, in terms of a schedule here's a birds-eye-view of my working week. 

A Standard Day 
530AM: Alarm 
530-630AM: AM Rituals - Bed, Breakfast, Coffee, Skincare, Makeup, Get Dressed, Pack Bag 
630-650AM: Commute To Work 
7-830AM: Work
830-9AM: Commute Home From Work 
9-930AM: Quick Home Tidy, Coffee, Emails & Check Planner 
930-12PM: Work Admin/University/Home Admin/Website & Network *Changes Daily* 
12-1230PM: Lunch Break 
1230-215PM: Work Admin/University/Home Admin/Website & Network *Changes Daily*
220-245PM: Commute To Work 
3-6PM: Work 
6-630PM: Commute Home From Work 
630-7PM: Dinner & Tidy Up 
7-8PM: Finish Up At Desk For The Day 
8-845PM: Shower, Skincare & PJs 
845-930PM: PM Rituals - Reading & Journaling 
930-10PM: Fall Asleep 

Monday's are my designated days to do everything website related for the week. I try to be ahead of schedule but that isn't always the case. I'll do everything from planning, writing, editing, photos, scheduling & social media during this period of time. 

Tuesday's are more of my catch up days for university. I try not to let things fall through to the following week but if need be, I know I have time during a Tuesday to finish up things from the previous week. I'll also prepare everything I need for lectures & workshops for the week. 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 
These three days are all pretty university heavy. I'll be participating in lectures & workings, trying to finish up notes, working on readings & assignments. 

This schedule is definitely subject to change due to class changes through semesters at university & my work load at work but for the most part this is what I try to stick to. One thing I'd like to incorporate more into my daily & weekly routine is movement of my body. I know that it's something that's going to make me feel great & have good benefits to my body. For context, I work at a Before/After School & Holiday Programme hence why my work day is split into two periods of time. I'm studying a Bachelors Of Teaching & Learning for Primary aged children which is incredible & I'm loving it. 

B x 

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