1 January 2015


Hiii everybody ♡

2014 has been a crazy year so with that I thought I would write a letter to 2014 and reflect on the year. 

Dear 2014, 
Oh my, what a crazy year it has been! 2014, you've brought me the good with the bad and laughter with the tears. To be fair you've just been one big rollercoaster. An emontional rollercoast for sure. Yes you were a hard, difficult, chanllenging year, you brought more tears than I ever thought I would shed but you also were full of life changing moments, memories, lessons and a few happy tears. January 1st, I was praying 2014 would be my year! The year I would shine, the year I would really just be myself and be truly happy. Honestly it was a tough start, the end of 2013 was rough with a crazy amount of mixed emotions which were pushed aside when they really shouldn't of been. 2014 was a year of pain and hurt. Words can't even begin to explain what I was feeling. I felt like the world was againest me and life, well life was just not going my way. After a few long, depressing months, things got worse, I hit rock bottom. You'd be lucky to get out of bed in the morning let alone leave the house. Living my life became a chore, and a chore I didn't want to do. Everyday tasks became impossible, school became impossible. I just didn't have the strength to carry on, there was no way I could hide this anymore. I decided to leave school with the support of my doctors and with that I was diganosed with serve depression and anxiety. What I'm saying to you now doesn't even begin to explain how horrible this year was for me but like I said, you gave me the good with the bad. I knew I needed to something to take my mind off the negative things that were going on in my life so I found myself a job at an after school and holiday care program. It was exactly what I needed. Something that would destract me three hours, fives days a week. It was chanllenging at times but it gave me something else to think about. I also started working out, working out was great when I was feeling down and depressed. It made me feel good about myself too. Along with that I changed my eating habits, and I was like a new person! 12 days ago I moved. I'm living in a new city, I'm going to make some amazing new friends but best of all I'm now closer to family and friends that already give me wonderful support and I can't thank them enough. 
I'm not saying 2015 is going to be easy but I hope it has more ups than it does downs. And in the way of my depression and anxiety, I know they'll never leave, I know I'll never get rid of either of them but 2015 is about learning how to manage them both. 
Thankyou 2014 for the lessons you've taught me, the moments we've shared, aswell as the laughter and tears. 


I hope you guys have had an amazing 2014! And I wish you all the best for 2015! 
Love you guys millions and we'll talk soon ♡

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