11 July 2015


On Thursday I uploaded my winter morning routine so I thought that I'd upload my winter evening Routine. If you haven't read my morning routine post be sure to check it out afterwards.

0430PM // 
Around 430PM I start to finish up any work that I have been doing that afternoon. I'll clean up my work space ready for the next day. 

0530PM // 
By the time I have cleaned up the house, it's about 0530PM. I will start to organise what I'm going to have for dinner. I normally make sure I have a good varitation of food in my cupboard ready to make whatever I feel like. I'm generally a pretty healthy person and depending on who I'm cooking for and how I'm feeling will depend on what I cook but soemthing healthy is generally it. 

0630PM // 
Start the prep and cooking dinner. I prefer to not eat my dinner to early, later is personally better for me. I will eat my dinner watching Neighbours and catching up with my mum and boyfriend if he's there, catching up on each others days. 

0715PM // 
The makeup comes off and the comfy PJs come on. I take my makeup off and cleanse my face ready for bed. I like to use a lot of moisturising products in the winter during my skincare routine. 

0730PM // 
I'll join my boyfriend and mum out in the lounge. We will watch some T.V together and I'll also go through my social media, catch up on anything that I might have missed during the day. Also I'll clean up after making dinner, I'll do the dishes and all that jazz. 

0830PM - 0930PM // 
I head to bed in between this hour at some point. I will head to bed to watch something on Netflix. I am currently watching Pretty Little Liars! I'm now up to season two so I'm excited to see what season two will bring! 

1030PM // 
By 1030PM I'm generally on my second episode of Pretty Little Liars. I get way to attached but I'm loving it so much! Be sure to let me know what your loving to watch at the moment! 

1100PM // 
By 1100PM I'm heading to sleep. I'll blow out my candles and cuddle up under the blankets. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know what I get up to in the winter evenings, let me know what your favourite winter/summer fashion accessories is at the moment!

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