9 July 2015


Winter. No one likes having to get up in the mornings, but especially getting up in the mornings! Lucky for me I'm currently on my winter school holiday! Today I'm going to share what my winter mornings look like during the holidays! Be sure to check back here on Sunday to check out my winter holiday evening routine.

0930AM //
My alarm goes off. I'm generally woken up at about 630AM by my boyfriends alarm going off for work but once he has gone off to work I head back to sleep. I like to set an alarm during the holidays becasue I like to be at a resonable time and I like to keep in some kind of routine for when I go back to school. After my alarm goes off I go through my soical media like the morning new paper, I will also check out stuff.co.nz so I'm up to date with the lasts current affairs.

1015AM // 
Around about 1015-1030 I will get up out of bed and head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and a cup of tea. I have read a magazine or watch a few YouTube videos while eating breakfast and drinking my tea. 

1030AM //
I head to the bathroom and get ready to have my shower. While in the shower I will clean my face, exfoliate, shave, wash my hair and all the jazz. I generally would shower in the evening but because I'm on holiday I prefer showering in the morning. Not every shower I have is like this obviously, I wash my hair about every second day.  

11AM //
By 11AM I'm out of the shower and I'm finishing off my skincare and choosing out what I want to wear for the day. Depending what I'm doing will depend what I'm wearing. If I'm at home just working away doing blog and school assessments and extra work I will just be in sweats and a jumper. I'm not a big makeup wearer in the holidays, I will put a little something on if I'm heading to the shops and I'll wear it if I'm going out but the rest of the time is makeup free.

1130AM // 
I'm well into working, whether it may be on my blog or school. I will work anyway for about 2 hours until I stop for lunch. 

I hope you guys enjoyed finding out about what I get up to in my winter holiday mornings! Let me know some of your most important steps in your morning routine at the moment!

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