7 July 2015


Ok, lets all agree that you can take and edit your instagram photos however you like. Whether it's a cheesy smiled photo of you and your friends, a bird's eye view of that amazing desert you had last nighy while you were out, or that beautiful sunset picture you took last night. It's your instagram so just do whatever makes you happy.

But for the purpose of today's post I thought I'd share with you how I personally edit and style my instagram pictures and what apps are my favourites to use.

Get into the perfect position //
You won't have to crop much, if any of the photo if you spend a good amount of time on the composition beforehand. I like to mix it up I bit from time to time, from birds eye views, front on views, side angles etc. I always find natural lighting the best, whether in be near a window or outside, if outside is the case for you, be sure to make sure that the sun is behind the subject matter you are taking the photo of. I have gone through stages on my instagram but I definitely prefer the orginal square look, I tend to think that it is square for a reason. 

Background // 
Depending on what the main subject of the photo I do tend to like to keep the backgrounds pretty plain. White is generally a big favourite of mine but anything plain and minimal works well for me. If I feel like adding something to the background I tend to go for simple things and not to much, you don't want to draw your viewers away from the main subject. 

Edit, edit, edit //
You can edit on the instagram app itself. Instagram have made it really easy to edit your pictures without having to download extra apps however I have got a few different apps that I like to use when it comes to editing my pictures. I use VSCO cam for changing the filter of the photo, if need be. I tend to reach for the filters HB1 and T1. Those are just a two of my favourite, I generally like all of them but it comes down to how the orginal photo was taken. I then save my new photo to the camera roll and go into Aviary. In Aviary I adjust things like the brightness, constrast, warmth, sharpness, etc. Again it all depends on the kind of photo you have taken and what thre orginal is like. 

Overall, not matter how you decide to edit your pictures, it's important to keep snapping because photos are simply a record of existance. 

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