30 July 2015


I've recently subscribed to Netflix' and its official, I now have no life! Just kidding! But I thought I would share what series I've been watching over the month of July and what I plan to watch next! Be sure to let me know what you're favourite series is at the moment!

#1: Pretty Little Liars! 
We all want to know who 'A' is right? If you have never watched Pretty Little Liars, it's a drama series that is all about the 'missing' Alison DiLaurentis. Her four bestfriends start receiving messages from a person called 'A', who is making their lives into a living hell. The girls go through a lot of ups and downs together to try and find out who 'A' is but they're still not sure who is could possibly be, yet. There is a lot of theories on who 'A' could be. I'm hooked on Pretty Little Liars, so if you have the patience and love suspense then Pretty Little Liars might just be for you! I watch at least one episode a night and one generally turns into two or three. I'm definitely addicted. 

#2: Orange Is The New Black! 
I personally haven't started watching this TV series yet but with reading up on reviews and hearing my friends rave on about it, I thought it would be perfect to mention! This is definitely what I'll be watching after Pretty Little Liars! Orange is the new black is one of Netflix' most popular series and yes, one I'm yet to watch! It's based on a real life story from a women who spent thirteen months in a minimum security prison. You get to discover the story lines of all characters and you also get to understand the daily struggles and what really goes on behind bars. I've heard from friends that the first few episodes, season one, are a little strange but as you keep watching it only gets better and better. As I haven't seen it yet I can't really say to much about it or whether I'll love it or not but let me know if you watch Orange is the New Black and tell me what you think! 

To start off with I was a bit unsure with Netflix' would be something that I would be interested in. However after looking into it and hearing recommendations especially from friends I couldn't recommend it enough! It features great series and it constantly updating with new series. When I first purchased Netflix' I just thought that is was just T.V series but there is so much more that they have to offer, popular movies and documentaries. It's full of great content, I would recommend it to anyone is looking for something new to watch from beginning to end, and can afford it. Netflix' isn't that expensive and for what you get I think it's awesome! 

Todays post was just something fun and something I thought some of you might find a little interesting. 

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