23 February 2016

I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday // Five Years Later

When a quiet fault line roared to life near Darfield, Canterbury neatly six years ago, it triggered a series of events that I'll never forget.

The first earthquake, on September 4 2010 at 4:35AM measured 7.1 & stuck like nothing I had ever felt before. Since then there have been nearly 20,000 earthquakes recored.

On February 22 2011 at 12:51PM measured 6.3 & again was something completely different to anything I had ever felt before, emotionally, mentally & physically. There were 600 earthquakes recorded that day, with 185 dead &  over 7000 injured. Buildings were destroyed & lives were wrecked.

Six years later from the first initial earthquake & I'm still lost for words. I couldn't tell you exactly how I felt because I just can't think of any words that would do it justice. Canterbury will always hold a special place in my heart even though I don't consider it home nor do I live there anymore.

I remember it all like it was just yesterday & I'm positive it's something I'll never ever forget.

I'm proud of how far we've all come, all of us who have been effected. Five years later we may still struggle every now & then, I know I do but I also know that we couldn't have got as far as we have without the support of one another.

The 185 white chairs represent the lives lost in the February 22 earthquake. Where a church once proudly stood, there are now 185 beautiful white chairs.  There are all kinds & varieties including arm chairs, dinning room table chairs, a wheelchair & even a baby capsule. The artist idea & statement poetically reminds us all that the 'installation is temporary - as is life'. Anyone is welcome to spend time there. It's a truly gorgeous memorial.

I'm going to leave a tribute video link here, if you would like to see the extent of the damage really done. You can always find out more information if you're interested just by searching 'Christchurch Earthquakes'.

Kia Kaha Christchurch 
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