2 February 2016

What We Should All Be Aiming For In 2016

I personally am not someone that sets big ambitious goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Yes I have goals that I would like to achieve over my lifetime & each year I take steps towards achieving them however over the years I've learnt things about myself & reasons why I shouldn't be to hard on myself when to come to setting & achieving goals.

Ever since I was twelve my ultimate life goal for myself was happiness & to this day it still is. I can be quite hard on myself when it comes to achieving my goals & although that can be a good thing it can also has its negatives. For example last year I really wanted to get back into the fitness side of things, this was all good & well until I got extremely sick & then for obvious reasons I couldn't continue with the extreme workouts that I loved doing. Life happens, this kind of shit happens & there's not a hell of a lot we can do about it. There are constantly going to be ups & downs in our lives & we have a adapt life sometimes because of them. The point I'm trying to get across is that, don't be to hard on yourself when it comes to setting & achieving your goals. Don't get me wrong I think it's extremely important to have goals & have things to work towards but at the same time if life gets in the way, that's ok too.

This year I have come up with five general goals that I think we should all be aiming to work towards this year. I have personal goals that I've set for myself however these are a few smaller goals. You might add one or two to your list of goals or you might add all five or you might even add none & that's cool too.

What I mean by this is learn what is going to help lift your spirits if you're having a bad day. We all have bad days every now & then & I think it's important to have & know a routine that will help you get out of that funk. Whether it's working out, going outside to get some fresh air, doing a little bit of yoga or mediation, it can be anything that you find relaxing. I know that I like to do a little bit of yoga & mediation, then have a shower, put light layer of make up on, make myself a cup of tea & then I'm refreshed & ready to to continue on with my day. I think the main thing is to set yourself a routine, one that is calming & going to help get you out of that funk.

I'm not talking about the neighbours adorable new kitten or the cute boy that lives down the road. I'm talking about falling in love with any kind of activity that gets your heart racing, something that you're really passionate about. Maybe something that you've always wanted to try before but never got round to it or maybe something that even scares you a little bit. I know we all love to sit behind our laptops or cellphones, even I'm guilty of it but lets all challenge ourselves to try something new.

This day in age we are to quick to take rather than give. Giving back to somebody is probably one of the most awarding emotions you could ever feel. Not only is this something that I think we all need to do a lot more often, it's something that is also going to have a really positive impact on your day to day life.

By this I mean end any relationship, including friendships that are having a negative impact upon your life. Because I'm telling you, you don't need that bullshit in your life. 2016 is the year of you & it's about making decisions that are best for you & not everyone else.

I kind of talked about this before but life is going to have its up & its downs, that's just what life does. It's important to accept the fact that these unknown events are going to happen & when these things do happen it's important when know how to adjust. Life unknown events are inevitable & we really just have to go with the flow.

At the end of the day I hope you're are all happy, kind & understanding because I think we should all be continually be aiming to be those three things.

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B x

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