6 April 2017

What You Might Want To Know & Consider Before Traveling Abroad To New Zealand

I could well be a little bias here but I adore New Zealand. It’s such an incredibly beautiful place & I feel so privileged to live here. We get a lot of tourist here in New Zealand & I love that other people are getting to experience some of the amazing things us New Zealanders have right at our back doors & take for granted. I’ve complied the top five things that I thought would be useful to know before traveling abroad to New Zealand. Obviously, I recommend doing a lot of your own research because there are a lot more than just these five things you could know & be aware of. 

This post is in collaboration with a fellow blogger over in the UK. His name is Harrison and he’ll have a very similar post to this about what you need to know before traveling to the UK. Please go check out his content, I’m a big fan of his work & feel very privileged I get to work with him with him on this post.  Check links below for Harrison's social media. 

#1: Weather 
The weather here in New Zealand is often described using the saying, 'four seasons in one day'. The weather can change so quickly here in New Zealand so at any time, regardless of the season we might be in, you need to be prepared for any sudden weather changes. It's definitely not unusual for the weather to change throughout the day, all day, every day. 

#2: Size 
Don't be fooled by the size of New Zealand. Although we may look tiny compared to Australia, we have just as many, if not more, amazing places to visit & see. Quite often tourist struggle to see all the sights they wish because they're all spread throughout the country. Most of New Zealand is country side so make sure you fill up the petrol tank and allow plenty of time between destinations because our incredible scenery while require a few stops along the way. 

#3: Driving 
Driving in New Zealand is pretty standard and like most other places. You must wear you seatbelt and hold a valid drivers license. Obviously you're not allowed to drive drunk or use your cellphone while driving. Another thing to consider is that if you don't live in Australia, Japan, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Thailand, India, Malaysia or Singapore this probably means everything is going to be back to front for you. Here in New Zealand, we drive on the left hand side of the road, also make sure your familiarise yourself with any road signs you may not know of. Such as one way bridge signs and things like being aware of railway crossings as only 1,500 of the railway crossings in New Zealand have alarms, the others you have to slow down and physically look yourself. 

#4: It's Remote 
New Zealand has a population of 4.5 million. It's definitely important to make sure you have enough gas and a few snacks because you may find you don't come across a gas station or grocery store if you're travelling to and from different destinations. 

#5: Sandflies
Sandflies bites are one of the most annoying things especially if you don't have any insect repellent! I've lived in New Zealand all my life, so nearly 19 years & I still get annoyed with sandflies bites so do yourself a favour and have some packed and ready to go when you need it! 
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