11 April 2017

Reading Material: April 2017

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone is thinking > Haruki Murakami

For as long as I can remember I've been a reader. As a child I enjoyed reading and I still do now. I enjoy a variety of genres but it hasn't always been this way. In my early teens I really struggled to find the genres I was into which meant I was starting novels and then never really finishing them because I just couldn't get into them. Over the years I've become more aware of what I enjoy in books and what I look for in specific genres which has helped me and given my the opportunity to read some amazing books. 

All three books I'm going to mention have completely different themes and genres but they all hold meaning to me. For someone who doesn't regularly visit my blog or who doesn't know me to well, these books will definitely give an indication as to what sparks interest to me.

I'm a third of the way through Doing It: Lets Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton and the other two, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and The ANZACS by Patsy Adam-Smith are on my list to read over the next month. There are a variety of topics and themes within the three books and I'm looking forward to seeing what different things I can learn from each book.  

Hannah Witton is a British YouTuber, broadcaster and author. Hannah creates content mostly based around relationships, sex, sexual health, feminism, liberation, welfare issues and more. Hannah book, which concentrates on sex and relationship was released on the 6 April 2017. Hannah's book is such under a week old and was actually the first ever book I've brought on publication date. Like I mentioned before, I'm about of a third of the way through and I'm loving it. Hannah touch on topics such as healthy and non-healthy relationships, virginity, body image, the LGBTQ+ community, sex shaming and a few others. The chapters that I've read so far are incredibly written and very informative, I've learnt heaps of new things already. Definitely would recommend this book to everyone. 

"Sexting. Virginity. Content. The Big O . . . let's face it, doing it can be tricksy. I don't know anyone, including myself, who has sex all figured out. So I've written a book full of honest, hilarious and sometimes aka ward anecdotes, confessions and revelations. And because none of us have all the answers, I've invited some friends and fellow YouTubers to talk about their sexuality, too. We talk about doing it safely. Doing it joyfully. Doing it when you're ready. Not doing it. Basically, doing it the way you want, when you want. So, let's do this . ." 

13 Reasons Why is an young adult novel that was actually first published in 2007 and the TV series released on March 2017. Everybody as been going crazy about the series online. Everybody seems to have a really positive view on the series and what it can teach us about the relationship between bullying and suicide. With the majority of films or televisions series, if there is a book that goes along with it that I want to read, I'll typically read that first. I'm a big visualiser, and I visualise everything that I read, from what the characters look like to how the setting is. I find it not only easier but more pleasurable to read the novel first opposed to watching the film or TV series first.

"Clay Jensen, a shy High School student, returns home from school one day to find that he has received a mysterious package in the mail. It contains seven double-sided tapes used by Hannah Baker, a class mate who has recently committed suicide. Each tape details a reason that she killed herself. The tapes were sent to various other people before arriving at Clay's door." 

ANZAC Day hold not only a special place in my heart but a special place in the majority of my families heart too. Not only is it important to honour and remember our fallen soldiers along with those who fought and returned but my Pop was one of those soldiers who fought while having the privilege to return to his family safely. I'm looking forward to reading this novel as I'm sure I'll learn a lot especially because I'm aware the author, Adam-Smith read over 8000 diaries and letters before writing the novel. I think that's what makes it so special. 

"Gallipoli was the final resting place for thousands of young Australians. Death struck so fast there was no time for escape or burial, and when Gallipoli was over there was the misery of the European Campaign. Patsy Adam-Smith read over 8000 diaries and letters to write her acclaimed best-seller about the First World War. These are the extraordinary experiences of ordinary men and they strike to the heart. The ANZACs remains unrivalled as the classic account of Australia's involvement in the First World War". 

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