25 April 2017

Home Away From Home

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to know several different places 'home'. There are a few different places throughout New Zealand, specifically in the South Island that I call home for different reasons. One of the places is Rai Valley, which is in between Nelson and Blenheim, two other significant place with a lot of meaning to me. 

I spent a good amount of time at Rai Valley since I had a few family members still living there but also because that's where my fathers side of the family all grew up. My Grandparents and Uncle both owned farms in Rai Valley which involved a serious amount of land which only lead to many amazing adventures and fond memories. The memories from my childhood at the Rai are very special to me and include fishing for tadpoles and other little fish in the rivers, feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, feeding the lambs, milking the cows, riding the motorbikes. 

My Grandparents still own a fair bit of land in the Rai and have built what we call 'The Man Cave', which is a place we can all go and stay together down there. This Easter I went for a wee visit there with my family from Christchurch. There's no cellphone coverage or internet which is what I think I enjoy the most because it allows me to go back to what it was like when I was a kid and didn't have a cellphone or know what the internet was. We played cards, drank wine and just enjoyed each others company which was the perfect way to spend the long weekend. I snapped a few pictures over the long weekend so I could share them but not only that, this is apart of my family history and to me that's important. 

Pictures will never do this absolutely amazing place justice. Plus, enjoy the cute picture of my Dad's puppy playing in the long grass. 

B x 

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