5 November 2017

Book Review: The Way I Use To Be by Amber Smith

“Eden was always good at being good. Starting High School didn’t change who she was. But the night her brothers best friend rapes her, Eden’s world capsizes. What was once simple is now complex. What Eden once loved, who she once loved, she now hates. What she thought to be true are now lies. Nothing makes sense anymore and she knows she’s supposed to tell someone what happened but she can’t. So she buries it instead. And she buries the way she use to be.”

"The book realistically looks at the last effects of trauma on life, love and relationships."

"The Way I Used To Be is an intensely gripping and raw look at secrets, silence, speaking out and survival in the aftermath of sexual assault."

"Definitely a must have for every collection of books that serves teens." 

The Way I Use To Be written by Amber Smith is a fantastic read and one I think everyone could benefit from. I think it's a much needed look into what dealing with sexual assault can be like for someone. I enjoyed the characters Smith created in the novel, some more than others, and I wonder why Smith went with the chosen plot line opposed to something different. Overall, I definitely think it's a great read. Although sexual assault is so awful, it does give me a sense of relief that issues such as this are now being written about, non-fiction or otherwise. 

B x

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