16 November 2017

Current Favourite Reads and Book Recommendations

The Way To Use To Be, Amber Smith
I enjoyed this book but there were parts of the story line I didn’t agree with. I wrote a full review which I’ll leave linked here if you’re interested in checking it out. 

How To Lose Weight and Get Fit The Paleo Way, Elora Harrè
“The incredible story of one blogger’s massive weight loss journey.” 
“Elora Harrè, better known for her popular blog, The Shrinking Viloet, have been overweight almost all her entire life. For many of her teenage years, the perfect ‘bikini body’ was simply a dream. Armed with determination and a new attitude, Elora lost half her bodyweight and jumped into a world of fitness and nutritious food. Be inspired by her journey and enjoy these healthy, delicious and easy to follow paleo recipes handpicked to help you on your own path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

How To Be Happy Or At Least Less Sad, A Creative Workbook, Lee Crutchley
“A different kind of self-help book. This book cannot fix you, and it cannot make you happy. The good news is that no other book on this self can either, but you already know that. Because you know, deep down, that no self-help book can make you happy. Just like you know, deep down, that you can. Maybe you haven’t discovered that yet, or maybe you have forgotten but you know more than you think about your own happiness. This creative and practical book will help you draw, write, discover and remember those things that make you feel happy, or at least less sad.” 

“This book made me nervous when I first scanned through it because I knew it would work! It’s an explicit map that leads to a place where you’re going to feel measurably better, and better equipped to face life’s vicissitudes.” - Rob Delaney; Comedian

“There’s a huge amount of wisdom in this pages and there will be even more when you’ve finished with it.”

How To Bullet Plan, Rachel Wilkerson Miller
If you’re interested in Bullet Journalling or wanting to know more about planning in the form of a Bullet Journal I highly recommend checking it out. It’ll give you tips on where to start and a bunch of ideas. Keep a look out for a full review of this book in the near future. 

Miss FQ Magazine
For millennials, by millennial. 
“With Miss FQ, discover the latest news and trends in fashion and beauty, breaking celebrity news stories, and interviews with Kiwi social media influencers.” 

Frankie Magazine
A little bit of everything, bi-monthly, including design, art, photography, travel, music, craft, home, life and more. 

Nadia Magazine
Nadia is a bi-monthly magazine where Nadia Lim shares what’s inspiring her when it comes to food, family and life. 

Mindfood Magazine
Mindfood has been created to bring you intelligent, inspirational ideas and information. A completely integrated concept, Mindfood the magazine brings you in depth features on society, wellness, environment, culture, travel and food.”

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