28 November 2017

Everyday Spring Makeup

I can't wait for it to be officially summer and with spring drawing to an end I thought why not share the products I've been reaching for over the last three months. As the weather starts to get warmer I prefer to reach for more natural and lighter products. I think because my skin has cleared up a lot recently it's meant that I can really appreciate and enjoy the natural appearance of my skin. 

haven't really tried a huge variety of primers but so far it does what is says it's meant to. It gives the skin a smoother looking appearance however I'm not convinced it's the best pore erasing primer. But for the mean time, I'm really liking it. 

100 percent my favourite face product in the warmer months. It's light on the skin yet has a beautiful, natural coverage. It leaves skin looking fresh and healthy which is just what you want. Out of all the BB cream's I've tried it's definitely my favourite. 

The Maybelline Matte Setting Powder is fairly new to my collection and so far I'm really enjoying using it. It does a fantastic job at setting everything in place and mattifying any oily patches.

My favourite contour and highlighting kit at the moment is hands down my this one from Revlon. There's not really much to say other than the shades are gorgeous, blend seamlessly and look natural on the skin. I adore this kit. 

I believe I mentioned this in a recent post, linked here, and it's still a fairly new product in my collection. But that being said it's my favourite highlighter at the moment. Not only is it affordable but it's fantastic quality. It's so natural on the skin and leaves you looking like a gorgeous glowing goddess. 

I know I'm in need so some new eye brow products but my Natio Brow Kit treats me so well. I'll definitely look into trying some new products in the New Year! 

Just my usual favourite brow gel.

Surprise, another new product to my collection but it's already a holy grail. I'll forever buy this mascara. I didn't really understand the hype until I tired it myself and I get it now. It's incredible. I adore the waterproof formula for the summer and especially because it doesn't smudge under my eyes which all other mascaras seemed to do. 

Again, a new product to my collection but so far I'm loving it! I adore the formula of these liquid lipsticks and the shades are stunning. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the other shades. 

B x

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