19 December 2017

2018 Planning and Organisation

You all know how seriously I take my planning and organisation. I've actually already know how I want to plan and organise my life in 2018 and I've gone one set further and already set it all up.  Some of you will think that's absolutely crazy but December is busy month as it is and I think it's great to already be thinking about, if not already know, how you want to plan in 2018. 

I'm very much a paper and pen girl but apart of that is also being digitally organised as well. So that for whatever reason I don't have my physical planner on me I can still know what I need to do, where I need to be and schedule other appointments if need be. 

For 2018 I'm going ton have three planners. Crazy I know but let me explain. My main planner is standard day to a page. This is where the majority of my planning and organising will take place. Everything from birthdays, events, appointments, to do lists and notes will go in here. 

 The next planner is a week on two pages. I've decided I'm going to use this one for journaling and gratitude. I really want to start journalling again even it is only small amounts daily. These kinds of planner and journal are really awesome to look back on and I think it'll make for some really good self care and creativity time. 

The final notebook I'm using in 2018 is my Bullet Journal. I won't be using it in the regular Bullet Journal way but what I'll be using it for is post planning for my website, goal setting, routine planning, gift ideas and all that good stuff. It's going to be something I can refer back to regardless the time of the year. 

Like I said earlier I adore planning and organisation. It's just one of those things that has to be in my life or otherwise everything is just a shambles. Let me know how you're choosing to plan for 2018, I'd love to know. 

B x 

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