9 December 2018

Budgeting For The Festive Season

Financially, it’s never easy around the ol’ festive season but I want to chat today about some of the things we can all do to take that pressure off. We want to be enjoying the festive season & not stressing about how we’re going to clear the ol’ overdraft. 

Where You Can Cut Back
It’s a classic, but instead of grabbing a coffee every morning on your way to work, take your own cup in & save yourself the coin instead. Same goes for lunches. Make extra dinner the night before to take into work for lunch the next day. Another thing to think about is canceling classes & give at home workouts a go instead. It’s a busy season & so if you feel like you’re not going to be able to make an exercise class because of other events or maybe a massive hangover then cancel it in plenty of time to get your money back or just ease back on the exercise classes if money is tight. Cut any magazine or app subscriptions. More often than not subscription services & products are often direct debits that slip out of your account without much notice but take a look through your statement to see if there are any that you can cancel or put on hold over the festive season. 

It’s the party season so of course with all the festive gigs coming up in your diary, it would be completely understandable to want to invest in new occasion wear for every event, but try to stick with just the one & change it up with jackets, shoes & accessories. Another good idea would be to make a list of all the events you want to show your face at & from there try & budget how much you think you’ll spend at each event. At least this way there won’t be to many big surprises, if any. 

Save Your Christmas Pennies
Secret Santa is something I do with my family & friends which definitely helps cut costs but still is really enjoyable. Homemade gifts if something else to have a think about. Gingerbread or truffles are easy on the budget but also a really lovely touch. Look for discount codes when online shopping as well. Never make a purchase without doing a quick google search for a discount code, you might just save yourself more than you first thought. 

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