4 December 2018

How To Decompress When You're A Busy Bee

I feel like I write post like this, or of the similar context, every couple of weeks but stress is one of those things that I feel is important to check-in with regularly.

It’s got to that time of the year where ‘busy’ just doesn’t even begin to cut it. ‘Busy’ just doesn’t seem like a word which really sums up just how packed in with schedules, errands & various social events we are at this time of the year. We really need to think about inventing a new word for that one. 

While we think about that one, here are some ideas on how to decompress tonight & over the weekend. Okay, so they’re pretty obvious ones but hopefully they’ll serve as a gentle nudge; a friendly reminder that you’re allowed to set aside some time for you so you can fill up your glass of energy. I’ve thrown in some personal suggestions below but of course, adjust where necessary. 

This one is extremely applicable to me but might not be such a stress reliever to those who aren’t so anal & organisationally obsessed like myself. However, if you find yourself grinning like a wee bit of a weirdo at the appearance of paper notebooks, new stationary & a feather duster then this point might be worth some consideration. Personally, I know that when I’m feeling stressed that it’s not just normally mental clutter but also physical clutter too. I normally stick on some music, had a good beverage & get my tidy on. Of course, I stop for regular dance breaks because why not? Sometime it’s the act of tidying, whilst feeling like I’m being just a little bit productive that chills me out. I know, I’m an odd one. 

 Well I’m not the most sociable person at the best of time, but at this time of the year I do try to make the extra effort. I’m someone who restores their energy from being alone and then spends it when I’m around others, whereas for some that situation will be switched around. That doesn’t mean that I find being around others stressful, as always I leave feeling the complete opposite. But December is the month where I vow to myself to make a bit more effort whether that’s with a simple message via social media, sending a card in the mail or a good ole coffee chat. Taking time to do something small like checking in with those I love & care about is a really great feeling. 

This isn’t going to be a universal stress reliever but for some of use writing is a was to decompress whilst actually getting something done. I find wring a blog post a very relaxing to do list item. If I’m having a day where my brain feels like it’s constantly buzzing without an end it sight, I turn to tapping out some blog post drafts. Or I’ll write thank-you cards or even journal. Perhaps you fancy yourself an author so if you do, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and get scribing. Or maybe you just would like to write a friend a letter. How nice would it be to receive a handwritten letter every now & then. 

Of course, it’s the most obvious choice here is to stick on Netflix & to attach yourself in a semi-permanent way to the sofa. I definitely ain’t mad about it. Sometimes getting engrossed into a new TV series is the only way to get my phone out of my hand & I’m okay with that. The one series I’ve really enjoyed as of recent was The Haunting Of Hill House. I was able to finish season one in about a week. I thoroughly enjoy it & definitely think it’s worth the watch if that’s your kind of thing. If it’s not your kind of thing, that’s okay! There’s definitely plenty to choose from on Netflix. 

B x

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