6 December 2018

Rest, Repair & Recover | Summer Evening Routine

My summer evening routine is probably one of my favourites. It’s still light & warm outside when I get home from work. I can sit outside to eat my dinner with a cold beverage & just rewind from my day. So my evening routine is pretty minimal but still has all the essential parts to it to make sure I’m taking adequate time for myself so I’m able to recharge my batteries. 

My evening routine will more or less begin as soon as I get home. This time will vary especially if I have an event to go to at night. 

For this post I’ve split my routine into four major parts. This is how I like to break down my evenings to ensure that I’m still getting things done but it has those important relaxing aspects to it as well. 

Dinner & Tidy Up 
Dinner are usually pretty easy during the week as I tend to meal plan. So after having dinner, I’ll do this dishes & then a quick tidy up of the house. If you didn’t already know, I function best in a clean & clear space. So I’ll take about 20 minutes to tidy up & put away anything that might have got left lying around. 

Shower & Skincare
Probably one of my favourite parts of my evening routine is taking off my makeup & jumping in the shower. I’m someone who will normally shower at night time so during this time I’ll also wash my hair if need be, brush my teeth, shave & complete my skincare routine. A hot shower & skincare routine is the perfect way to relax after a long day, well I think so anyway. 

Journal & Plan 
Next up is journaling & planning. Journaling & planning are actually big stress relievers for me. Journaling at night helps me take everything from the day, from my mind to paper. If it’s sitting on paper it means that it’s not sitting in my sub-conscience causing all kinds of trouble. Planning is very much the same. If I can go to bed with a rough idea of what needs to be done tomorrow then I know I won’t get up frantic in the morning worried that I’ve forgotten an event or appointment. 

Read & Mediate
Another super relaxing part of my routine is this reading & mediation section. I’ve always loved reading but as I’ve gotten old I’ve struggled to find time to fit it into my day. So incorporating it into my evening routine means that without a doubt I should be able to get some reading done, even if it is just a page or two. The mediation portion is also really important to me. I feel like it goes hand in hand with the journaling aspect. Mediation allows me to finish my day in a calming & positive manner. Regardless of how my day has panned out, I rely on my mediation to bring me back to a calming & positive space. 

B x 

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