14 May 2019

21 Lessons In 21 Years

I’ve just had my 21st birthday & that sparked a huge reflection over this past week. It feels just like yesterday I was turning 18 & now I’m 21, where has the past 3 years gone?! I’ve learnt so much over these past 21 years & I wanted to share some of those lessons with you today. 

1: Try to avoid negativity & the dangerous cycle of comparison. 
2: Don’t apologise for things that make you truely happy. 
3: Appreciate & love what your body does for you even if it’s not working perfectly. 
4: Connect with people, online & offline. 
5: Hangout with friends & family. Always be creating great memories. 
6: Allow situations to be what they are. 
7: Fuss over animals, always. 
8: Don’t be ashamed to hangout with yourself. 
9: Make the most of your fear & manipulate it into the motivation you need rather than it being the fear that stops you. 
10: Be kind & considerate, always. 
11: Let those that love you unconditionally help you when you need it. 
12: Never let anyone make you feel inferior. 
13: Take chances & opportunities when they arise because they won’t always be there. 
14: Always do your best, that’s all anyone can ever ask of you. 
15: You can always try again. 
16: Get outside & walk. Explore your surroundings. Breathe. Take everything in. 
17: Live in the moment. Be present. Worry about now, not what could happen or has happened. 
18: Embrace the time you have, don’t wish it away. 
19: Always make times for those that matter the most to you. 
20: Be proud & continue to be proud of yourself, what you’ve achieved & continue to achieve. 
21: Self care is important. You must look after yourself first. 

B x 

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