28 May 2019

How To Beat A Midday Slump

Sleeping on the job might be frowned upon but the truth is, short afternoon naps have been proven to enhance performance & creativity in the workplace. A midday power nap would be a great way to beat the afternoon slump but what if your workplace doesn’t have those snooze-friendly policies? 

Avoid Sugar
If you depend on sugar for a quick energy-boost, then you know that those effects are often short lived. Stick to water & start away from sugary drinks. I always try to keep some dark chocolate handy, that way when I get some of those weird midday cravings I can make a smarter choice. 

Snack Smarter
Make your own snacks & bring them in from home. That way you know exactly what you put in your body. All you need to do is make a bath on the weekend & you’ll be all set for the work week ahead. You can make your own granola bars, banana loaf or even almonds & fresh berries. It really doesn’t get easier than that. Having something health on hand means you’ll be less likely to make an unhealthy decision & it’ll also help keep your engird levels up. 

Step Away From Your Desk
More often than not you can find me working behind a computer. When I’m not at my desk, behind my computer I’m normally taking a break,  walking around stretching which helps me stay more focused when I get back to my desk. 

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration can cause poor concentration, tiredness & fatigue, so drink up buttercup. I like to to drink a big class of water when I first get up in the morning & I keep a water bottle on me at all times. If you’re not into drinking water, you can try mixing it up by adding fruits, herb-infused ice cubes or even cucumber. Another thing that can be helpful is to take a break in the afternoons & treat yourself too a good ole cup of tea & take some time to slow down. 

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