19 May 2019

What To Do If... | Three Organisation Methods To Try Today

All you know how much I love a good ole organisation post so I'm back at it with some ideas on how to help you keep on top of your game more often. 

What To Do If You Feel Like You Don’t Have Time
Schedule it in! If there’s a spot that you feel organising, there’s only one way to actually do it & that’s to find the time to do it. Not having time is the common denominator excuse that’s pulled out by all of us on a weekly basis to shed responsibilities for tasks, hobbies & chores but we somehow find time to do all these other requirements that we manage to fill our diaries with. So schedule it in! I know it can be easier said than done but giving a task priority & making it seem like an important to-do note in our diary pages gives us a much higher chance of actually completing it at some point. 

What To Do If You Don’t Know Where To Begin
The shit drawer. Organisation can be a daunting task so where the hell is a good place to start? What’s one place every single one of us needs to declutter, that won’t take 265 hours to complete? Well, I’m going to take a good guess & say it’s the shit draw. You know that drawer that you have to tease with much tugging back & forth because something’s got wedged in there & then when it eventually jolts open sellotape, paracetamol, takeaway menus, photos & old birthday cards, all fly out? Yeah, that. Sorting it is simple. You have to get everything out; paperclips, drawing pins, hair clips & half used candles, it all. Either bin it or keep it. Get some organisation system going in that drawer that will keep from getting messy again, or at least a little less messy. 

What To Do If You’re Struggling To Even Get Started
The one touch rule. The idea is that you don’t begin a decluttering task until you actually have time to complete it entirely. The idea is simple. Once you’ve touched ‘on’ to a task - say opening up your mail in the morning - you completely finish it before you begin something else. So whether you have to RSVP to an invite or file away some paperwork, you actually do it then & there without saving it for later, aka I’ll do it in three months time. This rule is perfect for digital decluttering. Deleting photos, having a social media purge, organising your inbox or even replying to emails in the first place. Give it ago & let me know how you get on. 

B x 

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