26 May 2019

Wellness & Selfcare Products & Rituals | Autumn/Winter Edition

It's a quick post from me today but I know the transition to short cold days from long warm ones can test even the strongest of us & as we change seasons we can’t forget about out routines & rituals. These are a few of my favourite cold weather rituals & products that maybe could become apart of your winter wellness & self care regime. 

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream; "Thirst quenching moisture recovery with Rosapene, Manuka Honey & Lavender. Rich but easily absorbed which helps banish dry skin."
Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturiser with SPF50+; "Clinically proven to nourish & hydrate skin while protecting your skin against sunburn." 
Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream; "Highly refreshing moisturising cream for everyday use on the face & body."
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser; "Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth & hydrated."

Hydrating Lip Products
Nivea Hydrocare Lip Balm SPF15; Revitalise your lips with long lasting intensive moisturisation & re-hydration."
Carmex; "Carmex lip balm contains a unique blend of ingredients, including natural moisturisers such as cocoa butter and lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by moistening and preventing dryness and chapping associated with the effects of the environment."

Hot Bathes
A hot bath & bubbles is always my favourite way to warm up after a cold, wet & miserable day. It's a great way to take time for yourself & look after yourself. 

Hydrating Facial & Hair Masks 
Garnier Fructis Hair Foods Hair Masks; "A multi usage mask that nourishes your hair with no weigh down. The formula has no parabens, no silicones and no artificial colourants with 98% natural origin ingredients. Enriched with key superfoods such as Banana, Papaya, Macadamia and Goji to nourish hungry hair, it leaves your hair strong and healthy."
Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask; "This oil-free facial mask is creamy and helps skin drink deep overnight for a soft, dewy radiant glow by the morning."

Nourishing Nail Oils & Hand Creams
For the past six months I've been using Thursday Plantation's Natural Almond Oil on my nails however there are a couple of other good products out there that you could alternatively use. 
OPI Nail & Cuticle Oil; "Ultra nourishing formula which helps protect, replenish & strengthen."
Revlon Essential Cuticle Oil; "Soft cuticles & nourished nails."
Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil; "Natural oils provide nourishing moisture for smoother, softer, more supple cuticles. Instantly refreshes and revitalises."

In regards to hand creams, I've used so many over the years but some of my favourites include the following. 
Nivea Soft Mix Me Hand & Body Cream; "Highly refreshing & highly effective. Infused with Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil."
The Body Shop Body Butters; "Heavenly rich body butters, designed to keep moisture in for 48 hours."
Ecoya Hand Cream; "A beautiful hand cream that protects, nourishes and moisturises hands and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth while forming a barrier to protect from harmful elements." 

B x 

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