15 August 2019

Getting Through A Low Point

Getting through a low point in your life can be tough. Nothing in this post is going to be entirely groundbreaking but I think they’re simple reminders that we can all do with hearing every once in a while. When you’re in a funk & feeling low, I think breaking things down like this makes everything seem a whole lot more doable. 

Reassess Where You Are At
If you’re having a bit of a tough time, a bit of a wobble, now is a good time to take stock & think about what’s getting you down. Perhaps a lot of it is out of your control but there’s going to be somethings in that list that you can at least work towards. Everything from your work situation to your finances to your relationship is cable of being worked on, so it’s the perfect time to reassess & make small changes for the better. 

Focus On What You Do Have 
Now is the time to focus on the positive which I know can be tough if it seems like there is nothing to be happy about. When going through a particular rough time, every morning when I wake up I make a mental list of five things I’m grateful for. Doing this everyday you start to embrace a more positive attitude & you’re also setting your day off on the right foot. 

Be Gentle With Yourself 
If I’m going through a busy/stressful time, I know it’s important to go easy on myself & indulge in some simple self-care. On those busy/stressful days I don’t promise myself or anyone anything & I try not to get worked up over anything either. I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day & another chance to do better. 

Find Your Purpose
Life can unintentionally become a bit continuous, monotonous cycle of work, study, chores & bills. There as somedays where I’m simple getting by, waiting to the weekend to roll around & feeling a bit like I’m stuck on a loop. I think having something to focus on on the side so important. It could be anything, a regular gym routine, a book club or spending time with family members. Anything that gives your days a bit of substances is always beneficial. 

Set Yourself Manageable Goals
We are just over the halfway point in the year so it’s a good time to be thing about any goals you’d like to set yourself for the last six months of the year or what you can do to make progress on any current goals. I’ve recently opened up my Notes app & jotted down all the things I want to get done between now & the end of the year. I’ve always found it really helpful to have goals to work towards, even if they’re small ones. 

So much has happened this year, good & bad at equal measures & sometimes I just need to feel the need to decompress & go easy on myself. It’s all to easy to feel overwhelmed without really knowing why. We all go through rough patches but as long as you’re looking after yourself & moving forward in small ways, then you’re doing okay. 

B x 

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