8 August 2019

Habits To Help With Time Management

We often waste so much time on such small, insignificant things, we procrastinate & we put things off. Sometimes it’s other people that waste your time but if we’re being honest, that doesn’t usually happen unless you allow it. So how do you develop habits that will help you save time? By constant & persistent repetition, right? Some of the most important time-managing habits will depend on our individual schedules, responsibilities & priorities. The following are some of the time-managing habits that have helped me the most. 

Make The Most Of Your Mornings & Evenings
Spend a few minutes in the evening planning for the next day. Prep as much as you can in terms of lunch & dinner plans, outfits, packing your bag etc. Planning ahead & preparing will allow you to eliminate a lot of decision making the next morning. 

The way you start your day has a huge impact on how the rest of your days will go. If you wake up too late & run out the door in a rush, you’re most likely to forget something. Then, get stuck in traffic & the next thing you know you’re running late. Before you know it you’re feeling stressed & wish the day would end. Give yourself enough time, change your schedule if you see that something just isn’t working. Add one small self-care activity to your morning routine that will help clear your mind. It could be journaling, mediation, yoga, gratitude or going for a run. Find what best works for you & give yourself a few minutes each mounting to set your mind on things that are most important to you that day.

Clean Away Any Mental & Physical Junk 
Cut away any unimportant ‘junk’ around you. Make your workspace clean & minimal. Keep your to-do list short & achievable to avoid jeopardising your productivity. Cut away the unimportant & insignificant & prioritise your to-do list. Your time is too valuable & you shouldn’t have to waste it explaining yourself to anyone. 

Stop Micromanaging 
If you have control-freak tendencies as I do, then you probably know that the upside to micromanaging, is that not only do things get done, but they get done the way you like. On the other hand, micromanaging can also be extremely exhausting & it can definitely end up causing a lot of stress & tension in your life. It’s also one of those habits that is more difficult to let go of, as it’s usually a life-long habit.

Time Blocking 
If you find yourself being easily distracted or you struggle with multitasking, time-blocking can help you change that. this can help you overcome your chronic multitasking & it is one of the most practice habits that will help you save time. 

iCal is where I do all of my time-blocking. I find it so helpful to be able to have everything in one place & all time-blocked in advance so when the time comes, I know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it & where I need to be. 

Regardless of the circumstances, because we all lead unique lifestyles, managing your time can be difficult & it does take time & practice. You can either keep working harder or you can work on becoming more efficient & smart about the way you manage your time. There are a lot of habits that will help you save time but I feel one of the most important ones is to actually value your time & other people’s time. 

B x 

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