13 August 2019

What To Do When Social Media Isn't Making You Feel Good

I’m not here to tell you that social media is evil because that’s not what I think, but take this more as a cautionary take. I’m someone who loved social media but only when it’s used in the right way. A lot of don’t acknowledge when it’s used incorrectly it can be incredibly detrimental to our mental health & can have serious consequences. Over the past year I’ve really made a conscience effort to clear all my social media of everything & anything that doesn’t being happiness, that doesn’t make me feel good & that doesn’t have a some kind of positive effect or purpose in my life. This is what I’m doing to not only fall back in love with social media but to prevent myself from falling back into a dangerous pattern of behaviour. 

Digital Declutter
Something I’m quite conscious of when it comes to my mental health & using social media is that I’m following the right people. Those people are going to look different for everybody but personally, I like to feel motivated & inspired by the lives of the people I follow. Sometimes unfollowing people can often feel really uncomfortable so sometimes to use of the mute button is a better option.

Taking Away Expectations 
One of the hardest things to do is to take away all expectation when it comes to social media. So things like scrutinising my analytics or checking follower counts. Some to thing about is how often you’re creating content for the likes or follows opposed to just creating content for the pure joy of it.

Using It With A Purpose
Sitting & scrolling through various platforms is something that I’m really trying hard to stop as I spend way to much time on my phone. My biggest social media goal right now is to enter apps with intention & purpose. I want to make the time I spend of my phone as productive & fulfilling as possible. When it comes to using a platform with purpose I like to make sure that I’m doing the following. 

  • Regularly commenting & engaging on other people’s posts. 
  • Creating content I’m really proud of. 
  • Limit my time to the app. 
  • Only follow people who bring joy & happiness to my life.

Do you have a good relationship with social media? 

B x

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