1 August 2019

Practicing Mindfulness When Life Gets Hectic

I’ve spoken about mindfulness here before but it’s one of those things that I just don’t want to stop talking about because I believe it can be so beneficial to so many individuals. So here today I want to talk about all things mindfulness when life gets a little on the hectic side. Mindfulness is a lot more than just a habit, it’s a lifestyle change, a way of living, seeing & doing things. And, just like every other lifestyle change you’ve made, it takes time & effort to introduce it into your life. 

I think I can safely say that most of us, in our own unique ways, lead very busy lives where there’s distractions, plans for the future but also disappointments & failures. Those latter two, disappointments & failures have a tendency to linger round & we often spend to much time worrying, stressing & re-playing those scenarios on a loop. Wanting to hide from or not think about out negative emotions & fears, we tend to then cling onto the distractions. By practicing mindfulness, you are allowing yourself to feel, not resist, observe & let go. 

Having a lot going on in your life shouldn’t be an excuse for not being mindful & running on autopilot through every single day. I believe that the busier your life is, the more you can benefit from mindfulness as it’s something that will help you find peace & joy on those hectic days. 

When I come to practice mindfulness, my thought process focuses on a few of these important ideas.

Less Judgement
I’ve always been one to believe that less judgement is one of the key parts of living a mindful life. It’s not always about judging others, although this is important too. It’s more about learning to give yourself less critical judgment, your thoughts & your mistakes. A lot of those thought patterns run on autopilot & we don’t always see how constantly we’re judging ourselves. 

Staying Present
Seems like this is more difficult to do than ever before. We’re surround by constant distractions & information overload but this strange need to stay connected ironically takes us away from things we should really connect with like being present, paying attention & not always wishing we were someplace else. 

Being More Patient
For me, this is a big one & I believe it’s a very important one to learn to embrace when when life gets hectic. Naturally, impatience is often a breeding ground for frustration & angry. Building & learning patience is crucial to living a mindful life. 

Letting Go
Letting go isn’t always easy & I can vouch for that. Whether it’s a general annoyance or feelings of disappointment, letting go can be very tough. Letting go of situations I have no control over is something I’m constantly working on & it hasn’t always been as easy as I find it now. It takes time & work. 

Trust & Acceptance
One thing you definitely learn along the way is that you’re a lot strong than you give yourself credit for. At one point or another, you might face situations or events that seem cruel, unreal or unfair. Things that are hard to accept & more on from. That’s when you must trust yourself & take responsibly for your own feelings & actions. 

When talking about mindfulness I believe that it’s all about doing the things we enjoy & appreciating that moment for what it is. Usually, it’s the simple daily activity or habits that might seem dull or insignificant that provide us with the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness - especially during those times when your life gets hectic. 

Remember that learning how to practice mindfulness can be along & sometimes even an uncomfortable process. We’re so use to being busy & distracted. We try to get through things so quickly so that we don’t waste much time but we forget that it’s perfectly okay to slow down & just bring our minds back to the present moment. Don’t stress out if you can’t fins that peace right away or stop your thoughts from racing. 

Mindfulness is just like a muscle. The more you practice, the stronger & easier it will get. As you practice awareness, you will also learn that your thoughts are just that, thoughts. You can then let go of them, without any judgement. To me, this is exactly what practicing mindfulness is all about. 

B x 

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