24 November 2019

5 Sources Of The Best Beauty Inspiration

Beauty is something that I find incredibly inspiring & it's one of those things that once you get past all the consumerism that surrounds it, there becomes something really special about the world of beauty. 

Blogs & The Internet
The first & most obvious choice, to me, for beauty inspiration is the beauty blogging community. Even though it's not quite like what it use to be, there are still real people behind the words & glossy photos. Some of my all time favourites are Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton.

As well as blogs, Pinterest & Instagram are also great online places to find beauty inspiration. 

Now, I rarely ever pick up a magazine to read the beauty reviews because I never really find them helpful or of any benefit but I do get my inspiration from all the gorgeous photography editorials. 

I never thought I'd enjoy books on the topic of beauty. I guess I always just assumed they'd be quite dull & boring. Lauren Conrad's book 'Beauty' is the perfect example of the kind of beauty books I prefer. It's beautifully written, simple to understand & filled with knowledge. 

Everyday Life
I've always thought there's something interesting about the skincare & makeup products that other people use. We're all different, we like different things, different finishes, different looks & have different skin types. I love that not everybody enjoys using every product. It sparks a conversation, it's just one very simple way for us to learn from one another. 

The beauty community on YouTube is huge & continues to grow & there are just so many channels that are just incredible. Some of my favourites are Shaaanxo, RawBeautyKristi, NikkieTutorials & Desi Perkins.

What are some of your favourite beauty inspirations? 

B x

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