12 November 2019

How To Plan Your Day For Success

There is so much to get done & sometimes you just have to accept that not everything is going to get done. A working day throws so much at you, even someone else's problems can end up taking an hour from you. You could have all the trendy planners, to do lists & apps but I believe execution is the problem we all need to tackle if we want to have a successful & productive day. 

Set A Plan For The Day 
Now you know I love a good plan so start off your day with a blank piece of paper & a pen & decide what you can realistically get done today. By being realistic & setting goals that you can achieve, you won't feel defeated at the end of the day when you see a long list of tasks you couldn't get to. Take your new & improved list & schedule those tasks in around meetings, placing the hardest at the beginning of the day. 

Set an alarm to ring every hour. When it goes off take a deep breath & take another look at you list. Have you spent the previous hour productively? Now that you have evaluated how you've been spending your time, go back to you schedule & recommit to how you're going to make the next hour better. 

Right, shut your laptop & step away. Take this time to look at your day & how successful it was. What worked & what didn't? When were you most productive & what distracted you? Use all this information to see how you can make tomorrow better. 

By treating your work day as a ritual you will notice results of success. You'll train yourself to prioristise & how to do it well. You won't be wasting your days on menial tasks or distractions. You'll be leaving your workspace lighter, happier, more successful & ready for tomorrow. Keep focused & choose deliberately & wisely. 

B x 

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