21 January 2021

What's In My Handbag | Everyday Essentials

Recently, I have significantly down sized my handbag size & it's been great! I was a little worried I wouldn't have everything I needed but I quickly realised I don't really need that much while I'm out anyway & if I did need something, chances are I have it in my car. 

I'm currently using the most gorgeous yet simple crossbody bag by Whistle. It's called the 'Origami Mini Crossbody Bag'. It actually fits a lot more than I fit anticipated it would & it can also be used as a clutch depending on the look you're going for. 

In my handbag a keep my phone, a card holder, personal & work keys, lip balm, hand sanitiser & a pen. Super minimal & simple but it's everything I really need while I'm out & about. What are some of the things you are currently keeping in your handbag? 

B x 

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