5 January 2021

Lessons I Learnt In 2020

Wow, what a year 2020 was. It was filled with ups and downs & when I say that in a year that's looked like 2020, it's absolutely more than okay to not take anything from it. No lessons learnt, no goals achieve, no nothing. It's really okay if you got through 2020, no 'just' about it. You didn't 'just' get through the year. It's been overwhelming, challenging - mentally & physically, & you've done bloody amazingly. We've done it! 

If we've learnt anything from this year, sometimes getting through hardships, challenges & huge curveballs is more than enough. More than ever, this year has proved to us that we're not products of our achievements, our careers or the things we have or haven't yet ticked off. We're all made up of so much more. Big or small gestures, acts of kindness, mistakes, learnings & whether or not we realise it, we've taken lessons learnt from the past year into the next. We're so much more resilient & adaptable than we realise & I think that's pretty huge. 

On reflecting on the year the 2020 was, I thought I'd write down a few little takeaways & lessons I learnt from the year just gone. Of course, they're not ground breaking & I'm sure you've seen similar but nonetheless, there was a nice bit of comfort when looking at the positives from such a crappy year. Remember, you're doing brilliantly & you deserve every bit of kindness. 

  • The little things are the biggest things.
  • Mistakes & failures typically make us better people. There's nearly always something to learn from our mistakes.
  • It's human to make mistakes & it's so normal. Mistakes don't have to define you.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • You don't have to go out of your way to please everybody.
  • You are so much more capable than you allow yourself to believe. Don't wait for approval or appraisal to recognise that.
  • Everything is relative. Your sadness, happiness, tiredness & troubles are always valid. There will always be someone having it harder, better or more challenging - help where you can but that doesn't invalidate your feelings.
  • Bubble baths are great. Any season, any weather.
  • Never take for granted the amazing people in your life. Hold on to them with kindness & love them always.
  • Keep trusting yourself & your gut.
  • Remember it's okay to take a break when you need one.

B x 

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