30 March 2015


We all have our bad days..it may be that annoying girl at school or that our phones not working, or it may just not be our day. We can't always avoid that annoying girl and we can't just go out and buy a new phone..I understand..here are my tips for you to improve your day..

                                 Photo taken by: Meee! In Monaco, Nelson, New Zealand. 

1. Take a hot bath! Baths are so relaxing, light some candles and just relax and enjoy some you time! 

2. Jump into some comfy clothes, grab a cup of tea, turn on your favourite TV series and enjoy! 

3. Turn on some music and dance, dance until your little heart is content!

4. Turn off your phone, even if it is just for half an hour! Switching off from social media for a moment will do you more good than you think!

5. Take a walk! Whether if it is just sround the block, the fresh air will help clear you mind!

6. Smile! Even though I know you probably won't want to on a bad day but it'll help, I promsie!

7. Pay someone else a compliment! Paying other people compliments always makes you feel better as a person and I guarantee it'll make them feel better about themselves too, you never know they might be having a bad day too!

8. Watch a childhood favourite movie! My favourite movies from my childhood are definitley Disney movies and I can always guarantee it'll put me in a better mood as well as bring back so many amazing childhood memories!

9. Write about what is bothering you, if writing isn't for you draw! Just put down on paper how you're feeling.

10. Smell you favourite scent! Whether that is a candle, a purfume or bathbomb! I know I have my favourite comforting scents that always help reduce my anxiety so maybe you have one too! 

11. Yoga or stretching! Just doing some simple stretches will make your body feel more relaxed. 

12. Call a friend! Someone you know that will instantly cheer you up whether that is a bestfriend, your mum, your nan, just whoever!

13. Cuddle! We aren't all as lucky as some and some of us don'y have boyfriends but the next best thing I believe is a pet! 

14. Have some chocolate! Not to much but enough for it to be enjoyable! 

15. Pamper yourself! Paint your nails, face mask, body scrub etc. Whatever is going to make you feel better about yourself!  

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