30 March 2015


Lush, who doesn't like Lush! I went into Lush over the weekend a picked up a few bits and pieces and I thought I would also mention some of my favourites I picked up around Christmas time, and if you like the sound of those you will still be able to find them in store beacuse they aren't Christmas limited aditions.


1. Rub Rub Rub: Rub Rub Rub is hands down one of the best shower scrubs I have ever used! It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, it's a mineral rich sea salt which is delicately frangranced with jasmine, it smells so much like the beach and summer, I love it! The size shown in the photo above is a sample size I picked up from my local Lush store around Christmas time and there still plenty of use in it yet! You only need the smallest amount and it does trick! I personally use the scrub on my arms and elbows as well as any small dry areas on my legs! Overall I love this product and it's definitely on my re-purchase list! For 330g, it's $17.90

2. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is a nourishing argan oil with an exquisite rose scent which isn't to strong but enough to be calming. The rich conditioner leaves your skin feeling silky and heavenly! This product goes hand in hand with the oner above, when using both together to get skin as soft as a babies bottom, no lie! Again, as shown in the picture above, this is a sample size which I picked up from my local Lush store around Christmas time as well. ahowever the full size of this is slightly more expensive so if I could ever manage to budget for it then I would definitley re-purchase it! For 225g, it's $39.90

3. Think Pink Bath Bomb: In the picture shown above you can see three bath bombs sitting in the back ground, the bright pink on is the 'Think Pink' bath bomb! This bath bomb is complete with pink confittio hearts, it's one that will definitely make you feel loved! This bath bomb has lavender oil in it, so it's a good one for before bed, making you feel relaxed and sleeply. Again, I'm impressed with products and would definitely re-purchase! $6.50 each. 

4. Butterball Bath Bomb: Well what can I say, the Butterball Bath Bomb leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturised, it's just amazing! Butterball has a delicate Vanilla fragrance to it, so relaxing! It's just perfect after one of those stressful days at school or work!

5. Honey Bee Bath Bomb: Last not most definitely not least, the Honey Bee Bath Bomb! This is the one in the photo that looks a oatmeal colour! This bath bomb is sweet, soothing and cleansing! Relax with this soothing bath bomb which contains honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud! The scent again is one of those calming one, I just can't explain it, it smells homely and if I could buy a candle in the scent I would be extremely happy! 

That is it for my mini Lush haul today! I hope you all enioyed it and maybe you're going to try something new out! I wouldn't mention these products if I didn't generally like them, so i hope if you try them, you like them too! 

Let me know in the comments below what your top three favourite products are from Lush! 

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