30 March 2015


There are six simple steps to achieving your goals are achieving them well! Today I'm going to tell you what they are and feel free to let me know what some of your goals for this are in the comments below!

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1. Start with a list! Start with a list of things you would like to achieve this year. Ovbiously you are going to want to keeps things pretty realistic but don't forget to challenge yourself either! If writing a list of things you would like to achieve over the year is a bit scary then you can always start with daily to do list and then build your way up to weekly or even monthly lists. Writing a list means you can physically see your goals and once you have achieved them you can put a massive tick next to them! Feel proud of yourself when you achieve your goals, it's something you should totally be proud of! 

2. Prioritise! Make sure you know whats more important to you! Make sure you are doing things throughout the day that are working towards that goal.

3. Pick one goal at a time! Working on one goal at a time means that you can you can really focus on this goal without getting stressed about other things you would like a achieve well at, and hopefully you'll get the results you wanted! 

4. Keep up with your opportunities. You may be thinking this si a bit of a weird one and what does that mean but all it means is take those opportunities you are offered because you may never get them again but also they may help you achieve the things you've always wanted to! And maybe not this years goals but you never know about the future! My main tip for you about opportunities is, if it interest you then what's stopping you?

5. Do you feel like you're hitting the wall? Does it feel like you aren't really getting anywhere even though you're working hard? Maybe it's time you reflect on your goals? Are they the right goals for me? Did I set realistic goals? Maybe you just need to change a few things or set some new goals? Now there's nothing wrong with that??

6. Completing and achieving your goals. Once the end of the year rolls around it's important to reflect on how your year has been, reflect on your goals, did you achieve them? What can you do better next year? I recommend if you're still at school or if not maybe do thid every 3-4 month, just reflect, have you been productive? 

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