21 May 2015


Motivational YouTube videos, there are an incredible amount out there but I would like to mention a few of my favourites, one that I continually go back to if I'm just not feeling myself or I feel like I could just fo with some extra motivation. I'm not saying these are the only five out there on YouTube but what I am saying is that these are a few of my favourites and I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that it might motivate you as well.

Meghan Rienks, Meghan is a YouTuber and aspiring actress, and I'm not going to lie I can't get enough of her videos! Her content is uplifting and inspiring but one of her many videos caught my eye and it was her 'Brave Story'. This has to be one of my favourite videos on YouTube to date, it's uplifting and inspiring just like all her other videos but there is something about this one that makes you feel like you can conquer the world over night! I absoulety love this video of her and could watch it over and over again, in fact this video is quite regaually played if I need some motivation and uplifting sptirits in my life!

Marissa Lace, Marissa's Draw My Life video is one of the most brave YouTube videos I've seen in a while. In her video Marissa opens up about her past and actaully had me in tears! While watching Marissa's draw my life video can be very sad it made me realise a lot about myself,  it made me realise that I can over come a lot more than what I thought I could! Marissa is an inspiration to anyone that is going through a tough time and needs uplifting and needs to see that hope again! Marissa videos in general are amazing and uplifting, she is one of those people who you can watch on YouTube that will instantly make up happy!

 Connor Franta. Life doesnt wait. I'm not going to say much about this one epxect for that if you are feeling like you need a new perspective, outlook on life this is definitly one for you! Even though I wasn't looking for a new perspective on life this video made me realise a lot more than I though it would.

Not going to say much about this incredible young women either part from the fact that she is a total inspiration too all across the world. Emma Watson and her #heforshe campagin was amazing and if you haven't seen her speech it's something you definitley need to check out as soon as possible, it's truly amazing as well as what she's standing for.


Colbie Cailat, music video and song Try! I believe this song has inspired not only teens but all women across the world! The message she is trying to get across is beautiful and it's definitley something everyone can relate too. When I first heard this song I had real tears running down my face, again this is something I listen to when I need a pick me up for sure!

These are just some of the many incredible videos on YouTube and I know for a fact there are lots more out there so if you have any you'd like to share with me or anyone else let us know what they are in the comments! 

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