19 May 2015


We all love being a little noisey more often than not, me included! Today I thought I would give you a sneak into my iPhone 5S!

To start off I'm quickly going to mention that I have the Black Space Grey iPhone 5S 16GB. I currently have a light grey case on in which just protects the back from any scratches! 

This first image is my lock screen which is just a palm tree picture which I came across on Instagram, I believe it was Meghan Reinks instagram and I just love how bright the image is and you guys all know I have an obsession with the beach as well! The next image is my home screen and again I have a palm tree picture which I think I came across on weheartit.com and again I love how bright it is and seeing this picture on my homescreen just makes me generally happy! The apps I have sitting across the bottom of the screen no matter what page you're on are Messages, Phone, Mailbox which is for all my school emails and then the original Mail app which is for all my personal emails. 

Moving on to the next page, in the top left hand corner going across I have a folder called Utilities which holds all the apps which the iPhone comes with so apps like FaceTime, Notes, Clocks, Apple Watch etc, the next folder has apps that I'm frequently reaching for so in there I have Reminders, Settings, Podcasts, Weather, BNZ Mobile which is my Bank, Spark which is my phone provider, Wattpad for all my fanfiction, Driving Theory Test, Countdown, Converter+, Onavo Protect and the Bible. Moving across I have Safari, Calendar which I'd be lost without, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Spotify, 8tracks, AA Game - love this game and everyone seems to be playing this at the moment, super adicting but I love it!

 The last row across the bottom are apps I use for school! The first one Kahoot is a game in which you play with your whole class and there is so many different topics, and what it basically is, is a multi choice answer to questions you get asked and you can have competitions with your friends and other class members to see who can win, it's great fun and especially last class on a Friday! The next app is Kamar and a lot of you may not have heard of it but if you have you'll know what I'm going on about, it's basically where you can check your timetable, school events, school notices etc. Evernote is a popular app and I use this to make my to do lists for particular days. And Google Drive just holds all my documents like English Essays and Biology write ups. 

Moving on to the next page, I prretty much have the rest on my apps in albums and this is just because I don't like having millions of pages, I like to keep it to just two or three. The first folder is Soical Media and in there is Viber, Vine, We Heart It and Instagram Repost. Next is Editing and I will do an entire blog post on how I edit my soical media pictures at a later date but in the folder there is, Camera, Photos, Videos, Squaready, Aviary, Afterlight, VSCO Cam, TwinCollage and Pic Jointer. 

Next is the one that leaves my bank account looking awfully empty and thats the Shopping Folder and in there I have Etsy, NZSale, eBay and The Hunt. In Health I have Nike Training, FitBit, Lorna Jane, Nike Running, PumpUp, MyFitnessPal, M.Cycles, Relax Melodies and Horoscopes. I'm going to go into more detail about the apps I use when I do my fitness routine and tips post! My Education folder is looking very empty but inside I have NCEA Pal which is the exam system here in New Zealand and the app allows me to keep track of the progress I'm making throughout the year! 

Travel, I have grabaseat, Airbnb and Air NZ! These apps come in handy quiet a bit now that my sister is living down in Christchurch and that I need to fly down to see her more often! Then I have an album for all my apps to do with my blog! So first I have a direct link to my blog so I can check all blog posts and the stats etc, I then have Google+, the Blogger app and last but most definitely not least I have Bloglovin' which is where I keep track of all my favourite blogs and I like this app because all my favourites are in the one place.

I then have Sleep Cycle which is quiet a popular app, this app tracks your sleeping pattern which is important but also interesting for me, I have the Weather Channel, Bloglovin' which is where you can read all you favourite blogs in one place, Stuff and BuzzFeesd which are my favourite news reading apps although they are both totally different, I then have IMDb which is where I can check movie times and the latest movies out and what I might like to go see next! 

This has been quite a long blog post but I did try and shorten it down in places. Let me know what your top three favourite apps are in the comments, I'd love to know, mine are definitely Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin'.

Where else you can find me on the interweb, 
Twitter: bonni3ellen
Instagram: bonnie.ellen
Tumblr: www.tumblr.com/bonni3ellen
Pinterest: bonniegaardiner 

Sending love and happiness to every single one of you! 
Bonnie xxx

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