27 October 2016

11 Ways To Love Your Illness Even When You Don't Want To

Loving yourself can be hard sometimes & loving your illness(es) can be even harder. We don’t always want to or feel like loving our illness(es) or be positive all the time. And it’s ok to feel like that, we all do from time to time. 

Here’s a list of the small yet simple things I like to  make sure I do on those days where I just don’t feel great about my illnesses. 

No.001: Easy Mornings > Start the morning out slowly. I love to grab a hot cup of tea & give my body a nice morning boost & time to wake up properly. 

No.002: Vitamin D > I open up all the blind & windows to let in as much natural light & fresh air as possible, into my home. It always helps yo up lift & brighten my day. 

No.003: Zen > Roll out your yoga mat or some type of pad & gently stretch. Tune in with your body. Stretch the areas that are aching & need some attention. 

No.004: Hobbies > Take up a new hobby like weaving, crochet or knitting. It will not only help with relaxation but it will also help stimulate your brain. 

No.005: Exercise > This can be tough for those of us who are chronically ill but I enjoy gentle movements such as pedalling on an exercise machine which is something you could also do from home & can be very therapeutic. 

No.006: Acceptance > When a symptom happens, change your thinking from negative to acceptance. Say you have a migraine & the pain is so bad you want to pull it out of your head.Take a few deep breaths & say yo yourself, “I feel you pain. I feel you in my head & I accept you.” & breathe. Repeat as many times as you need to unite you feel calm. 

No.007: Giving Back > Find an organisation you are passionate that you can help from the comfort of your own home. 

No.008: Expression > Find an outlet such as writing or painting that helps you express your emotion. You may not feel comfortable expressing them to your loved ones & that’s why I think it’s important you find an alternative option. Bottling up emotions will only harm the body further & create more negative engird from within. 

No.009: Mediate > By shutting out the external world & stilling the body for less than half an hour each day, I can educe my stress levels which play a huge role in my wellness of my whole body. I recommend simply doing this 5 minutes a day & then increasing the time gradually. 

No.010: Relaxation > Take a therapeutic bath with your favourite bath bomb or bath salts, surround yourself with delicious smelling candles and/or defuse/apply essential oils such as lavender. 

No.011: Give Thanks > Before you close your eyes & drift to sleep, give thanks. You can either write three things that you for thankful for that day or silently say them in your head. I believe that doing this small act regularly, you are helping yourself both mentally & physically. 

B x

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