16 October 2016

5 Tips For Mental Strength

In an era where nearly everything is digital, it is so easily to feel like our minds are cluttered. Mentally strong people can handle anything life throws at them however some of us feel like any little thing can tip us over the edge. Here are a few of my tips to help train your brain to be strong & smart.

Digital Devices > Drop your digital device, not literally but get rid of it for a few hours & attempt to spell or calculate something without the help of your phone. Even if you can't do it, you've worked your brain just trying to figure it out. You could try a Sudoku or a crossword. Rather than looking at your phone screen, give your brain a workout in other ways.

Get Your Zen On > It's no secret that yoga & mediation are amazing for increasing your concentration, focus & mental balance. Our brains get frazzled sometimes so why not give yoga or mediation a go, even if it is only for 5 - 10 minutes. I also really enjoy mindful colouring in books.

Hobbies > For me, it's so important for me to be able to find my head space. Some people will prefer to play sports, workout at the gym, take art classes or just get outside. Whatever it is, practicing a new skill or just getting your body moving will physically & mentally give you room to breathe.

Goals > Have a clear idea about where you want to go in life & how you plan on getting there. Carry out each day with a purpose & any bumps or criticism along the way will only help you become the head strong individual you dream of.

Positive Progress > Turn negative niggles into positive pointers. Don't let day thoughts reserve room in your head. Focus on the amazing things you can do & how amazing you are. It's important to remember that the reason we are all individuals is because we all have unique strengths.

B x 

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