18 October 2016

A Simple Pamper Routine

If I’ve decided to have a pamper night I’ll try yo finish work maybe half an hour earlier than usual, that way I’ve got a little bit more time to extra bits & pieces. 

Around 630PM is when I usually finish up on the nights that are my pamper nights. I’ll pack up all my work bits & pieces, I’ll clean up my room & give the rest of the house a bit of a tidy up too. A tidy space helps with a tidy mind, right? I’ll light some candles & create more of a relaxing feel in the house. 

650PM is the time I’ll either have a bath or a shower & this depends on whether I need to wash my hair or not. Skincare is always an important part of my night routine on any night but on pamper nights I like to take the extra time to apply a face mask, a lip scrub & an oil to my skin along with super hydrating moisturisers & eye creams. I’ll also take the time to apply a thick moisturising body butter, paint my nails & occasionally I’ll apply a hair mask too. 

745PM is the time that I will make dinner. I’ll also take this time to catch up on social media. I’ll then do the dishes, clear up any mess I made while making dinner etc. 

Taking time to myself is super important to me on any night whether it’s a pamper night for me or not. I’ll sit down & watch a film or some reality TV. I will generally take this time to also upload to Instagram & just scroll through other social media to catch up on the days events. 

Anywhere between 930PM & 10PM I’ll make my way into my room & start planning for the following day. I’ll also take the time to journal & complete my gratitude journal. 1030PM is the time I try to get to sleep by but this all comes day to how busy & how much I had to get done that day. 

In a regular night routine I would take some time to also workout but I take pamper routines as an opportunity to have a day off but again this depends on the day I’ve been having. 

Let me know in the comments some of the bits & pieces you like to do in your pamper night routine. 

B x

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