20 October 2016

How To Preform The Ultimate Brain Dump

The panicky feeling you get when you know you have so much to complete but you don’t know where to start. Then of course you’ve got the whole ‘not enough hours in a day’ situation. Well I hope this method will help some of you get rid all those idea floating around in your head. 

There’s a popular technique that everyone is trying called a ‘Brain Dump’. Think of it as clearing your mental slate. It’s a neat little trick to help us unscramble everything that filling our brains up & making them go all foggy. Perfect right?

This post is going to be all about how a brain dump works & what the benefits are. How you choose to organise your life it totally up to you, however I think this is great first step to getting everything from your brain down onto paper & into so sort of order. 

Above is just an example of the brain dump concept but it's a hundred percent up to you how you do yours & I encourage you to get creative with it!

First, you’ll want to grab pen & paper. Any piece of paper will do but you could also create an awesome brain dump journal. Spend some time, it could be an hour or so if you have a lot on your mind or you could do ten minutes in the morning to help you feel a lot more organised & ten minutes in the evening to help you sleep better. Write down anything from whether it’s that you need to buy milk. finish next weeks blogpost or reply to an important email. If you write it down it means that your brain no longer has to store it. 

Organise your notes & arrange them into the things you need to prioritise & also categorise them into lists. Focus on the 10 most important immediately & put ticks next to the things you have no control over because you certainly shouldn’t be worrying about them. It’s a great motivation kick for you to be able to look back & see everything you’ve achieve either for the day or that week. 

Now that your brain has unloaded everything, from to do lists to worries, it’s important to stop thinking about them. Reply of the paper for all your tasks & goals. Give your brain a rest. It’s great those like myself, who are constantly worrying about forget things that need to be done or place I need to be.  

B x

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